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Storage and sharing

Estimate the amount of data you have created and what will be added?


Choose an appropriate storage facility. Split directories of over 400 files into separate (logical) directories.

Use secure data storage directories, preferably multiple, and encrypt your data when necessary.


Think about how and with whom you will share data. Determine a location of shared data that is accessible for all project members.  Make agreements with team members about the usage of the data and determine access rights accordingly.

Never use generic services like Dropbox for sensitive data

  1. the University network
    1. J:-Drive - Use when you cannot share data or do not need to share data outside of your core research group: access restrictions protect the files on the network against unauthorized access, and the ISSC will take care to make a backup regularly.
    2. P:-drive – Use when you cannot share data at all, for instance when working with sensitive data. This network share is only accessible to you. Remember that data stored here will be deleted after your contract ends.
  2. Cloud storage – Cloud storage options are not suited for storing sensitive data without using encryption.
    1. Surf Research Drive - use when you need to collaborate and share within or outside the university.
    2. Microsoft OneDrive - A personal cloud storage service to securely store, synchronize, and share files
    3. Surfdrive – a secure alternative to Dropbox and Google Drive
    4. Microsoft Teams – Use for integration of file storage and communication


  • Small data sets can be stored on­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ the faculty network, this is also the safest. Various alternatives:
    • Local P:\ drive for personal data, but not for sharing
    • J:\ Workgroups: for sharing data with a restricted group, also for personal data.
    • J:\ Research Data the cost for this is Euro 410 per Tb/Year, charged on the research project, so you should be able to fund this. Not for personal data.
  • Sharing inside the University
    • Sharepoint/Microsoft teams (for personal data?)
  • Sharing outside the University
    • The easiest option is probably synching your local drive with a Surfdrive.14 You can share folders with arbitrary users and synchronize your harddrive. But it is not a full collaboration environment. Not for personal data.
    • Surf Research Drive (currently in pilot).
    • Never use generic Cloud Services like Dropbox or Google Drive!
    • OneDrive provided by the University. (personal data?)

Commercial Cloud Services

Commercial cloud services like Dropbox or Google are seriously advised against. Firstly, these services allow themselves to reuse your data (to enhance their products or sell it) or transport the data to other providers and jurisdictions. Especially for personal data, using these services is not allowed.

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