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The objective of the Timetabling project is to simplify the timetabling process make it more logical, and to improve the timetable information for students and staff.

The first phase of the project involved improving the publication of timetable information and implementing the MyTimetable timetable publication tool. All of Leiden University, with the exception of the LUMC, has been using this tool since the start of 2021. MyTimetable shows timetables in a simple, personalised and clear way, and gives a full overview of all teaching activities. It also makes it easy for students and lecturers to import their personal timetable into their own calendar. 

The Executive Board has decided in favour of purchasing an application that supports the teaching and exam timetabling process and manages any changes, so the project group is now preparing this. It will issue a European call for tender based on the needs and wishes of all stakeholders. The goal is to use the new timetabling application in the 2022-2023 academic year.

Roos Overduyn


Roos Overduyn

‘I try to plan my studies well in advance, but timetables are very hard to find, are often not available until late and changes are not clearly communicated, if at all. I sometimes spend ages trying to work out which tutorials will fit best in my timetable.’

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