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FGW Blended - faculty in times of corona

What is possible in times of corona at our faculty and what is not? For these questions we offer this platform as a homepage for information for the rest of 2020. We also refer to the university website. 

See also the university updates on corona

This faculty site complements / elaborates university corona information and updates.


Most of us are spending more time looking at computer screens. It’s just one of the effects that the coronavirus is having on our everyday lives. Video calling has become a popular way of keeping in touch for professionals but it’s not without its problems. The two most frequently heard complaints are a general sense of fatigue and a lack of non-verbal cues. A few tips & tricks:

  • Take a walk outdours
  • Stretch between meetings
  • Internet connection
  • Sound quality
  • Quality of the image

Read about how to get a goor internet connection, sound quality and a good image

Are you a lecturer, mentor, student advisor, supervisor or other colleague in contact with students? Would you please add this text to your out-of-office reply message in Outlook, Teams etcetera?

The university will be closed from 25 December 2020 until 3 January 2021. We will pick up your question as soon as possible after the leave. Pending an answer, we would like to point you to the central website with updates about the corona measures, where you can find information about education, study places and other support. 

If you need contact during this period, you will find some important links and phone numbers below.

Do you need a listening ear?
Do you need to talk to someone who listens to you?
Please contact Rapenburg100, daily (7 days a week) between 16:00-18:00 - 20:00-22:00 on telephone number 071 - 744 0168

Urgent help needed?

  • Do you need urgent psychological help? Contact your own family doctor/general practitioner. Outside office hours you can contact the general practitioners' surgeries in Leiden and The Hague
  • If you do not have a family doctor/general practitioner, you will find more information about obtaining one here
  • In case of an emergency or life-threatening situation, call 112. 
  • Are you thinking about suicide? Call 113 or chat on 113.nl/english 

With coronavirus continuing to spread, new measures were announced yesterday, and as of today the Netherlands is in lockdown. The extra measures also have consequences for the University; these are listed here

There you can also read information about travel allowance and internet allowance. And about studying, working, ceremonies, traveling and buildings.

Dear colleagues,

In these times it is very important to take a good rest. That is why we would like to request to keep the first week of January as much 'meeting free' as possible, so that colleagues are able to be truly free during the holidays.

We wish everyone happy holidays and a well-deserved period of rest!

The Faculty Board

What shape will our teaching take in the second semester?
Much remains uncertain, but it is expected that the current measures will continue to apply in February. 

Read this central corona update.

Dear lecturer,

Hopefully you read this message in good health, and do not need to use the following offer.

Are you scheduled for face-to-face education, do you have health problems and do you need a corona test result quickly? As of 18 November you can get a priority corona test at VGM, the university's Health, Safety and Environment department, where tests are also carried out for care in LUMC. The main purpose of this measure is to promote continuity of education.

Rapid test if Public Health Service appointment takes too long

If you are struggling to book a test with your Municipal Public Health Service (GGD) you, as a teacher with face-to-face education, can request the quick test by calling the VGM department: 071-5278015, on working days from 10.00 to 17.00 hours. Often you can be tested the same day or the next day. In most cases, the results are known the same day.

Please note

This provision is only available to lecturers who provide on campus education at Leiden University.

Results usually the same day

If the result is positive, and therefore an infection with the coronavirus has been detected, the company doctor will call you.

If the result is negative, you will receive a standard e-mail at your work e-mail address. (Not all the information in that message is relevant to you, because it is the same message that LUMC staff receives.)

Teaching in the second semester

What shape will the teaching at Leiden University take in the second semester? On 11 November, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science issued guidelines on higher education in the second semester of this academic year, which begins in February 2021. For the time being, the teaching is expected to continue in its current form: hybrid, so on campus where possible and otherwise online. 

See this corona-update about the BSA.

If you are looking for an answer to a corona-related question, you can send an e-mail to coronavragenmdw@hum.leidenuniv.nl .

We will make sure it gets to the right person as soon as possible. We aim to respond within 5 working days.

In addition, we would like to draw your attention to these websites with corona information:

If you miss information on any of these sites, please let Joost van der Sluijs know in an e-mail to communicatie@hum.leidenuniv.nl.

And if students have a question about corona at our faculty, they can send an e-mail to: coronavragenstud@hum.leidenuniv.nl.

As of 7.00 hours on 15 October, it is compulsory for everyone in our buildings to wear a face mask. The basic rule is as follows: if you are standing or walking, you must wear a face mask, but if you are sitting you may remove it.

See what this means in the university corona update.

New measures came into effect for the whole of the Netherlands from 18.00 hrs. Tuesday 29 September. 
You can read about the consequences for our university in the university’s corona dossier.
What these measures mean for the Faculty of Humanities is set out below:


  • All the teaching in university buildings will, for the time being, continue as planned. 
  • The maximum number of 30 people permitted in a room does not apply for teaching contexts. The maximum number of students permitted per room is indicated on the door of each room. This number is based on the 1.5 meter norm. 
  • The wearing of a facemask in our buildings is not compulsory, but it is permitted. 
  • There is no change in the number of study places, nor in the procedure for reserving a place. 
  • Always do the corona check before coming to teach on campus.
  • Travel for teaching is classed as ‘Necessary’. 


  • Research should be done at home as far as possible. 
  • If you want to work on campus for research purposes, you should agree this in advance with your manager. 
  • Travel to conferences and seminars is not permitted.  

Support services

  • Everyone should work at home, unless there is a need to be at the Faculty for teaching purposes.  
  • Discussions, meetings, and brainstorming sessions should all be done via MS Teams. 
  • Staff events, teambuilding sessions or other non-teaching related gatherings – indoors or outdoors - are not permitted.
  • Requests to work on campus, up to a maximum of two days per week, should be agreed with your manager. Permission will only be given in exceptional cases. If permission is given, your manager will notify the person responsible for entering this in the flexplanner. 
  • Always do the corona check before coming to work on campus.


  • The tightened measures also apply to ceremonies.

If there is something you are concerned about, please contact your manager.

These measures set out above apply until further notice. We will let you have new information as soon as there are any developments. 

Good luck with implementing these new measures, and remember: take care of yourselves and one another.  

If you go back to the office after months of working from home, make sure you update your PC or laptop properly. Also pay attention when saving your files. 
Everything you need to know about installing and using Office 365 and OneDrive can be found on this support website.

For tips about the 'new way of working' this support website, also from the ISSC, is very useful. 

Due to the increasing number of infections, this urgent appeal to students was published today:

'If you have on-campus teaching or have booked a study space, do the corona check before you come in to the University. Answer the five questions on the checklist to see whether you can come. Stay at home if the check tells you to. This is to protect the health of your fellow students and ensure the University can stay open.'

On the student website you can find the step-by-step checklist.

As a Lecturer, am I responsible for the students' compliance with the corona measures?

Everyone on campus is subject to the campus protocol and is expressly asked to feel responsible for everyone's health and safety and to respect each other when someone does not abide by the rules.
Lecturers have regular responsibility for maintaining order in a room, this includes overseeing the number of students in the classroom. Adhering to the maximum number of people in each classroom, indicated on the door of every room, is very crucial due to proper ventilation and the ability to keep the 1.5-meter distance from each other.
However, the lecturers are not responsible for maintaining all corona measures. Are you a lecturer and do you have questions about the room and/or the maximum capacity of on-campus education? Please contact the education administration of your course.

The mentor and tutor system started on August 31st. On 3 September, the Tutoring and Cohorting working group and the Faculty Board organized an online kick-off for all mentors. The board members shared their tips for setting up a successful and inclusive mentorship and looked back on the start of their own study time. 

230 mentors
During the summer period, around 230 mentors were recruited for our faculty. These mentors have all been trained by the ICLON. The working group has also set up a faculty Brightspace module in which the mentors can consult material for the mentoring meetings. A guide for student mentors has also been developed. Finally, all courses have appointed a number of tutors to guide the mentors. 

The role of the Tutoring and Cohorting working group

Last summer, the working group has shaped a mentor and tutor system for our faculty. The working group coordinated the recruitment of the student mentors, determined the preconditions for the composition and size of the mentoring groups and developed a basic program for BA1 students. All bachelor programs offer a mentorship. For the master programs, they had the choice between having their own mentorship or joining the faculty Humanities Buddy Program. 
The workgroup will continue its work in the coming months in a slimmed-down form. This means that the 'Executive Board' of the workgroup will remain available for questions (cohortering@hum.leidenuniv.nl) and will maintain contact with the central coordination team. In addition, the workgroup will evaluate the mentor and tutor system in November.

The campus protocol for the university has been updated to version 2.0. The most important change concerns information about what to do in case of an infection.

According to that protocol a student is requested to report a contamination with covid-19 to the study advisor (coordinator). When a student reports to the study coordinator, he or she passes it on by e-mail to Ton Kallenberg with the academic supervisor in the cc. Ton Kallenberg informs the FB and central (Leo Harskamp).

Additions since 27 August:

We are pleased that after a lot of puzzling and adjustments we are able to facilitate part of the teaching on campus. It's clear that under these circumstances we can only do so if we all comply with a number of often complex rules. 
In addition to the published campus protocol we ask you to pay attention to a number of additional arrangements for teaching at our faculty (see below).

Start at the scheduled time
All starting times are fixed times. No changes are possible. This is due to arrangements made between the Executive Board, the University of Applied Sciences Leiden and the transport companies. 
Students are advised to turn on the notifications for announcements in their profile on Brightspace and MyTimetable. These will appear on their home page of Brightspace and MyTimetable, in the Leiden University app and in their email. Any changes, also regarding starting times, will be communicated via these channels. Could you please perhaps make your students aware of this? 

Limited room capacity
All classrooms are arranged to fit the maximum number of users. Do not change anything! The route to each location is self-explanatory. The ventilation has been adjusted to the optimal settings for the circumstances. The UFB checks if the campus protocol is being followed in every building.

Following campus protocol 
The UFB checks in different ways whether the rules are followed and things are allowed. In addition, we rely on your common sense as users. Please speak up if someone is coughing or walks in the wrong direction, and address them directly. We can only continue teaching on campus if we keep it safe together.

Break during class? Don't leave the room
You can only leave the room during a class to go to the toilet or for other urgent matters. If there is a break make sure you have something to drink and eat.

No group changes allowed
It is not allowed to change between groups in the room during a class because the room will be cleaned after every class. There are exceptions for a couple of lecturers. They will receive a personal message.
Leave the room and campus after class
The classroom will be cleaned after every class. Everyone must leave the room directly after class. 
Students are deemed to leave the campus directly after class as well. Could you please remind your students if this doesn't happen or takes too long? As a lecturer you can go to your own office if you have no other classes. However please be aware that we use Flexplanner!

Use Flexplanner for a workplace
If you want to use your workplace before or after class you have to ask for permission as usual so far (via your manager, institute manager or administration office). They assess your request. If your request has been approved your presence will be registered in the Flexplanner. This registration is important in order to regulate the maximum number of people allowed to be present and for the contact inquiry in case of a possible Covid-19 contamination.
You do not need to register if you visit your workplace briefly, for example to collect something. The UFB checks our buildings regularly to check if the campus protocol is being followed.

Have to pass time or online teaching for students? They can reserve a study place
If a student's class on campus is followed by a class online they can reserve a study place. They can also reserve a study place if you have to pass time. More information can be found on the website Timeslots for study places from 24 August onwards 

Use the printer, ask something at the desk or collect something from the workplace?
This is allowed without registering in Flexplanner. But keep it brief, don't linger or chat and leave the building immediately and directly.

Changes in opening times
Please check the website for the current opening times of the buildings at the Faculty of Humanities regularly.

Education Administration Offices and coordinators of studies
If students have any questions on campus they can go to the Education Administration Offices. Every work day two staff members will be present at the Education Administration Offices Wijnhaven, Arsenaal, Reuvensplaats, Huizinga and Vrieshof. More information about the Humanities Student Information Desk will follow on the website.
Every coordinator of studies can be reached by email and will announce visiting hours on their personal web page.

ECOLe: Brightspace and online (hybrid) education

The faculty support site for Brightspace can be found here: universiteitleiden.nl/brightspacefgw

And the faculty support site for online education can be found here: universiteitleiden.nl/onlinelearningfgw

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