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FGW Blended - faculty in times of corona

What is possible in times of corona at our faculty and what is not? For these questions we offer this platform as a homepage for information for the rest of 2020. We also refer to the university website. 

See also the university updates on corona

This faculty site complements / elaborates on university corona information and updates.


On 20 April the government is expected to decide that we may resume in-person teaching at the university from 26 April. The government is talking about ‘every student going in to university one day a week.’ 

What this means for Humanities will be announced as soon as possible after the press conference.
Until then, please read the central corona update with the university plans, including those for the new academic year.

In the press conference it was announced that he current measures for higher education might be eased as form April 26,  if the contamination figures allow it. As from next Thursday we will provide further information about what this means for Leiden University.

On 23 March, the government announced during a press conference that, only when the basic reproduction numbers allow it, higher education may return to the situation before the lockdown from 26 April, when on campus education took place with 1.5 meters distance. If this scenario will go into effect, there will be made use of self-testing for those who will go to the campus. The exact role of universities in this process is yet to be determined. In the next weeks, the VSNU (Association of Universities in the Netherlands ), the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport will work on a plan of action.

Check out the latest updates about the coronavirus on the university website

We are pleased with the prospect of an easing of the measures in higher education after 31 March, as the government described in its last press conference. The government will announce its definitive decision on 23 March. 

The government announced on 8 March that it was extending some coronavirus measures and easing others. What that means for staff and students, you find in this central update.

On 23 February, the cabinet has decided that the curfew will be extended until 15 March. Options for outdoor sports will be expanded at the USC.
Check out the latest updates about the coronavirus on the university website

The cabinet has extended the lockdown in the Netherlands up to and including 9 February, which means the measures implemented on 15 December will apply for longer. You can read about what this means for the University here
There you can also read that the BSA norm has been lowered from 45 to 40 credits.

Unfortunately, the coronavirus keeps spreading. Yesterday, new measures were therefore announced, and as of today the Netherlands is in lockdown. The extra measures also have consequences for the University; these are listed here

There, you can also find information about travel expenses and internet expenses. And about studying, working, ceremonies, traveling and buildings.

If you are looking for an answer to a corona-related question, you can send an e-mail to coronavragenmdw@hum.leidenuniv.nl .

We will make sure it gets to the right person as soon as possible. We aim to respond within 5 working days.

In addition, we would like to draw your attention to these websites with corona information:

Is there any information you think is missing on any of these sites? Please let Joost van der Sluijs know in an e-mail to communicatie@hum.leidenuniv.nl.

And if students have questions about corona at our faculty, they can send an e-mail to: coronavragenstud@hum.leidenuniv.nl.

Going back to the office after months of working from home? Make sure you properly update your PC or laptop. Also pay attention when saving your files. 
Everything you need to know about installing and using Office 365 and OneDrive can be found on this support website.

For tips about the 'new way of working' this support website, also from the ISSC, is very useful. 

As a Lecturer, am I responsible for students' compliance with the corona measures?

Everyone on campus is subject to the campus protocol and is strongly asked to feel responsible for everyone's health and safety and to respect each other when someone does not abide by the rules.
Lecturers have regular responsibility for maintaining order in a room, this includes overseeing the number of students in the classroom. Adhering to the maximum number of people in each classroom, indicated on the door of every room, is very crucial because of proper ventilation and the ability to keep 1.5-meter distance from each other.
However, lecturers are not responsible for enforcing all corona measures. Are you a lecturer and do you have questions about the room and/or the maximum capacity of on-campus education? Please contact the education administration of your study programme. 

ECOLe: Brightspace and online (hybrid) education

The faculty support site for Brightspace can be found here: universiteitleiden.nl/brightspacefgw

And the faculty support site for online education can be found here: universiteitleiden.nl/onlinelearningfgw

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