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Please, regularly check the university central updates.

Working from home

If your work allows it, you can work partly from home and partly at the University. How this combination of working from home and at the University will turn out for you depends on your own working activities and situation and those of your team. Please check the policy here.

Work and good health

To enhance your health, Healthy University at Home offers some support.
If you are having problems with working at home, talk to your supervisor and ask about the possibilities for adjusting your home workplace. 

In times of corona, as at other times, taking holiday leave is a good way of relaxing and getting away from your work. If your travel plans have had to be put on hold, we nonetheless advise you to make time for yourself and take time off. You can find more information about taking days off and the applicable expiry dates here.   

Business travel

If you go on a business trip, you are entitled to reimbursement of your travel and subsistence expenses. If you are planning a business trip abroad, please follow these five steps.

For business trips in the Netherlands, you should in principle use public transport. If this is not possible, you may in consultation with your supervisor use your own car, a taxi, or a rented vehicle. For more information on reimbursement of expenses, see Reimbursement of expenses for business trips in the Netherlands.


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