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As of 19 July 2021, the advice to work from home will again apply unless you have no other choice.

What does this mean if you work at the university? Research, teaching and business-critical processes have to continue – in our buildings too. Lab or library research, for example, therefore continue to be possible. Our on-campus teaching will also continue within the scope of the existing rules and safety regulations. This also means that business-critical processes will continue in our buildings (e.g. the work of janitors and security staff). 

If you have permission from your supervisor and your visit is registered in the flexplanner tool, using your workplace is possible. Please read the updates, including additions to the recently updated campus protocol.

Please check the actual opening hours on the website.

Work and good health

The corona crisis is now becoming something of a marathon, and the finishing line is not yet in sight. To make sure you get through this period in good health, Healthy University at Home offers some support.
If you are having problems with working at home, talk to your supervisor and ask about the possibilities for adjusting your home workplace. 

In times of corona, as at other times, taking holiday leave is a good way of relaxing and getting away from your work. If your travel plans have had to be put on hold, we nonetheless advise you to make time for yourself and take time off. You can find more information about taking days off and the applicable expiry dates here.   


This information is currently being updated. Please follow the updates.

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