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Physical meetings

1 person = 1 desk

Sticker 1 person = maximum 1 workstation

This sticker indicates that in this room only one desk may be used as a workstation.
Conversations, such as the discussion of a thesis, are allowed, but only if a 1.5 meter distance can be guaranteed.

Small scale

Physical meetings 
Since 15 June, exams have been permitted on campus on a small scale. Here, too, safety is the prime concern. The first on-campus exams will be carefully evaluated and adjustments will be made where necessary. 

Please note that for the time being teaching and exams on campus are only possible for: 

  1. (supervising) students who are graduating
  2. practical (lab) teaching 
  3. guidance for vulnerable students 
  4. exams that cannot be organised online 

Please check this item on how ceremonies can be organized.

Study place
If a student is looking for a place to study
Check the current timeslots with information on how to make a reservation.


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