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FGW Blended - faculty in times of corona

What is possible in times of corona at our faculty and what is not? For these questions we offer this platform as a homepage for information for the rest of 2020. We also refer to the university website. 

See also the university updates on corona

This faculty site complements / elaborates on university corona information and updates.


As announced in our update from 20 September, the restrictions in higher education have now been eased. In short, this means a maximum group size no longer applies in our teaching rooms, face masks are no longer compulsory and 1.5m distancing is no longer necessary in our buildings.

The remaining rules for working and studying at the University can be found in a new version of the Campus Protocol. Read this thoroughly and make sure your colleagues, fellow students and guests are familiar with it. The University is only a safe place if everyone takes responsibility for their actions and thinks of others. For your own safety and that of others, stick to the rules, give other people space and respect one another’s boundaries.

At the press conference on Tuesday 14 September 2021, the government announced it would be easing various measures. This will make it possible to teach large groups on campus once again, something we are really pleased with. The measures will be eased on 25 September 2021. New rules on exams and quarantining will apply sooner. We will publish a new version of the Campus Protocol on 25 September, which includes all of the new measures.

Read the main changes as of 25 September in this university update.

New version of the Corona Check
The government’s rules on when to quarantine have changed. They now take into consideration whether you have already been vaccinated (once or twice) and/or have recently been infected with coronavirus. For more information read here.

If you wish to respond to the content on this site, please contact the communications department, Nathalie Borst or Joost van der Sluijs.

If you are looking for an answer to a corona-related question, you can send an e-mail to coronavragenmdw@hum.leidenuniv.nl . For students: coronavragenstud@hum.leidenuniv.nl.

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