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FGW Blended - faculty in times of corona

What is possible in times of corona at our faculty and what is not? For these questions we offer this platform as a homepage for information for the rest of 2020. We also refer to the university website. 

See also the university updates on corona

This faculty site complements / elaborates on university corona information and updates.


We are happy that the cabinet has decided that universities may open again for education on campus from 15 January. A maximum of 75 people are permitted per group and facemasks must be worn in all areas. Students will be informed by their programme when and for which programme components they may come to the University and whether their exams will be online or on campus. For staff, the advice to work from home still applies.

Sporting activities allowed
Taking part in individual indoor sports, in sports centres for example, are allowed again. This means that more sporting activities will be possible in the University Sports Centre. More information can be found on the USC website.

Inaugural lectures and PhD defences
Inaugural lectures and PhD defences can take place with a limited number of attendees and without a reception.

Study associations
Study associations may again organise events that can be classified as educational activities.  Requests for events will be handled by the assessors. 

Second semester
We have to prepare for education on campus for the coming semester starting on 7 February. This means that we will ask students, including international students, to come to Leiden/The Hague in so far as this is possible and to be present in person where this is permitted. 

The main changes and measures for Leiden University are:

  • There is a maximum group size of 75 students for each separate room. Examinations are exempted from this rule. Students will be informed by their programme department whether their examinations will be online or on campus.
  • In all our buildings, a distance of 1.5 metres from one another must be observed where possible.
  • Work from home as much as possible. If you have a good reason to come to the office, discuss this with your supervisor.
  • Facemasks must be worn within University buildings at all times, even when you are seated. Disposable facemasks (type II) are preferred.
  • As a preventive measure, we request our staff and students to take a self-test twice a week. Students and staff at our University can order self-tests on line free of charge via Zelftestonderwijs.nl.
  • It is important to make sure that rooms have enough fresh air. All teaching areas at the University are ventilated in line with the requirements of the RIVM and the building regulations. Almost everywhere this is managed centrally via mechanical ventilation which is switched on early in the morning. Not all work areas and meeting rooms have mechanical ventilation, particularly in the older buildings.  It is important in these areas to ensure adequate ventilation by opening the windows.
  • We urge everyone to have vaccinations/boosters to protect against the coronavirus. Students and staff in Leiden can arrange this via the GGD Hollands-Midden health authority. Students and staff in The Hague should contact the GGD Haaglanden (Dutch website only) health authority.
  • Only together can we get the coronavirus in the Netherlands under control. Therefore, follow the basic rules and adhere to the quarantine guideline.

On 3 January the government announced that the restrictions imposed on higher education on 18 December will continue to apply until 14 January. This means that our teaching will be online until 14 January. Exams and practicals can be held in person if that is possible. Students will be informed about this by their degree programmes, and will also find information on Brightspace.

The government will look on 14 January at whether the restrictions can be eased. The current rules will apply until then. For more information see the government website (in Dutch).

Dear colleagues,

The new lockdown, at such short notice before the holidays, requires resilience and adjustments from all of us. We have summarized the main information in this message.

The lockdown announced in Saturday evening's press conference entails the following measures for us:

  • From Sunday 19 December there is no on campus teaching;
  • Tests and exams will go ahead, with no maximum number of people present (please read the corona examination rules we sent you on 1 December, point (3) Examinations;
  • A lecturer can provide online teaching from his/her own physical university workplace, but without students;
  • If a lecture was physically planned for next Monday 20 December, and the lecturer has an online version ready, this can be given online. Lecturers who do not have this ready will not be asked to rush into creating an online lecture. In such a case, the lecture will be cancelled;
  • In the coming period, the teaching will be given online;
  • Tutors and students communicate about this via Brightspace, so that mutual expectations are clear;
  • There is no obligation to keep 1.5 m distance in the university. If possible, however, we advise you to keep your distance;
  • Face masks are worn inside the buildings when moving (and if possible, during exams);
  • Practical training in laboratories can take place with a maximum of 75 people per room;
  • Only location-bound research activities can take place;
  • Students with specific concerns or worries can always be invited to the campus by a study advisor or student dean, this is tailor-made;
  • Critical processes (care, technology, safety, security, etc.) continue;
  • Study workstations are open to a maximum of 75 people per room. A distance of 1.5 metres is not compulsory. Wherever possible, it is a good idea to keep your distance;
  • PhD ceremonies take place largely online, with only the PhD student and the necessary other attendees physically present in the building (parallel with education);
  • Graduation ceremonies do not take place during this lockdown;
  • In principle, employees work at home;
  • In principle, the opening hours of buildings do not change; the manager and the UFB can make further arrangements;
  • The catering services in our buildings are largely closed, but pick-up points in buildings where people are present remain open;
  • The USC is closed and can only offer very limited outdoor sports (tennis single game).
  • The extension of the Christmas holiday for primary schools will affect parents with young children. If you are affected, discuss with your manager how to find a workable solution to make this period as pleasant as possible for yourself, your family and your colleagues. Educators have an essential occupation which means that they can make use of specific emergency child care provisions. This government site tells you more. Please contact PSSC service if you need a letter for the school or care center;
  • If you have a question, please e-mail coronavragenmdw@hum.leidenuniv.nl

On 3 January 2022, the government will take a new decision on the period starting on 10 January 2022.

We wish you all good luck this coming week and happy holidays!

Many regards,

The Board of the Faculty of Humanities

In the press conference on 14 December the caretaker government did not announce any new measures that have direct consequences for higher education. The current measures will continue to apply until 14 January 2022.

The extension of the Christmas holiday for primary schools will, however, affect parents with young children. If you are affected, discuss with your manager how to find a workable solution to make this period as pleasant as possible for yourself, your family and your colleagues.

On Wednesday, December 1, the Vice-Deans sent a message to all faculty, regarding teaching in the light of the recent press conference.
This copied message can be found here on the FGW Education page.

If you wish to respond to the content on this site, please contact the communications department, Nathalie Borst or Joost van der Sluijs.

If you are looking for an answer to a corona-related question, you can send an e-mail to coronavragenmdw@hum.leidenuniv.nl . For students: coronavragenstud@hum.leidenuniv.nl.

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