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Digital assessment on location

In Leiden and The Hague there are rooms available for digital assessment for both small and large groups of students. On-campus digital exams always make use of the assessment tool Remindo.

Testing locations 

Digital assessments can be hosted on several locations in the Hague and Leiden. Check the room availability for an overview of available rooms and their capacity.

Ask your Coordinator of Studies to make a room reservation. Please ask them to reserve a slightly longer time slot than for analogue exams. Digital exams should take place during office hours if you want technical support to be present during the exam.

Exam setup

Below are the 3 different options for digital assessment on location. It is preferable for all tests within a course to use the same assessment type. 

In the University Sports Center, exams are taken on Chromebooks. Currently a maximum of 936 students can take a test here at the same time. The Chromebooks allow students to only access whitelisted sites, so students have no access to other sites or files. Invigilators are present to prevent cheating. Please note Chromebooks do not support typing with foreign characters (yet).

Get an impression of what examination at USC is like for students:

Assessment in the USC

Host your exam in one of the computer rooms in Lipsius or Wijnhaven. Students take the test in full-screen mode, so they cannot consult any other websites during the exam. You, as the lecturer, are present to supervise to prevent fraudulent behavior. 

Rooms without computers, but with enough power sockets, can also be used for digital assessments. In this case, students bring their own laptops: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). BYOD exams are only protected by the full-screen mode of Remindo so this form of assessment requires proper surveillance.  

Loan laptops are available to accomodate students without a laptop or technical issues.

BYOD examination is particularly convenient for exams that call for the use of different alphabets and/or characters. Is this not the case for your exam? Then it is preferable to use the USC or one of the computer rooms.


As soon as the room, date, and time are known, submit a request to digitalize your exam to ECOLe.    

Always try and reserve a room listed in the overview. If no rooms are available you can contact ECOLe about hosting it in a different room with power banks. This is only facilitated at campus in Leiden and with no more than two neighbouring classrooms with a max capacity of 90 students in total. This service is only available as a last resort. 

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