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Digital assessment tools

Read more about the available tools here.

Remindo is the digital examination software used by the faculty. In Remindo you can create a question database which you can then use for your tests. It is possible to use Remindo for both remote and on-campus digital assessment. Contact ECOLe about the possibilities.

Take a look at this demo, which shows the types of questions you can use in Remindo and what the exam looks like for students.

Advantages of Remindo are:

  • The automation of the grading process. Closed question are instantly, automatically graded and open question are easily divisible among colleagues (grading at the same time is possible);
  • Open questions can be checked for plagiarism;
  • Receive detailed analyses on the quality of your test on the whole and on individual questions;
  • User-friendly interface for students.

Remindo can be used for both formative and summative testing. 


Do you want to administer tests in Remindo? ECOLe will help you with setting up your exam. You hand in your questions and a settings form and ECOLe will transfer the questions to Remindo. The entire process is explained in the Digital Assessment Module. Read it carefully should you want to make use of our service. Request examinations at least 20 working days in advance.


Use Remindo to prepare weekly tests, on your own or together with colleagues. Build a large question bank to automatically generate tests with different themes and let students practice (several times) with different sets of questions.

Formative testing can be useful both in preparation for classes as well as for reviewing taught materials. Using tests in preparation for class gives you, the lecturer, access to look at the answers the students give and to see which parts they find most challenging, so that you can review these parts during classes. 

Have a look at this webinar about using Remindo for formative tests and request an account at ECOLe if you want to start using Remindo.

Brightspace has an integrated examination tool: Quizzes.

Despite Remindo allowing more extensive possibilities, Quizzes is a good option for examination if you do not want to spend time on creating a question database. 

Do you want to make use of Quizzes to set up an exam with closed questions? Have a look at this protocol for more information.

Difference between Remindo and Brightspace Quizzes

Remindo offers more extensive options in selecting questions from a pool of questions. You can, for example, automatically have a selection of questions be displayed or have certain questions be excluded. We also recommend Remindo if it is your goal to build a large question database. In addition, Quizzes cannot be used if:

  • Multiple lecturers have to grade their part at the same time;
  • You want to make use of online proctoring;
  • You want to add open questions that need to be checked for plagiarism;
  • You want to make adjustments afterwards based on an automatically generated result analysis.

Do use Quizzes if you want to prepare your tests quickly, in a user-friendly manner and none of the above-mentioned restrictions are applicable.

Turnitin is a tool integrated in Brightspace to check documents handed in by students. An important option is the Turnitin plagiarism check that checks the originality of, for example, essays. Use the Turnitin examination protocol to set up assignments for students in Brightspace on your own.

Instructions and protocol

Peermark can be used in Brightspace to have students check each other’s writing assignments. This stimulates students to critically review each other's works.


Have students make a video, podcast or poster as an assignment. They upload their file to Pitch2Peer where they can judge each other’s work based on your own established criteria.


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