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Fraud prevention

The available tools for digital assessment all offer their own ways of fraud prevention. In addition, it is also possible to use online proctoring for exams that have to be taken at home. Online proctoring can only be used in combination with Remindo and may only be used if there is no other way to sufficiently prevent fraud.

Consult our faculty's guidelines for the use of online proctoring during examination if you wish to make use of it.

Guidelines for online proctoring

Fraud prevention without proctoring

When possible, we always recommend setting up your test so that students are asked to apply knowledge, in order to prevent answers being too easy to look up.

Consider applying the following options to prevent fraud:

  • Set a specific time limit;
  • Randomise the order of questions for every student;
  • Create multiple sets of questions and offer these to students in a randomised manner;
  • Check for plagiarism on open book tests through Turnitin or open questions through Remindo;

Alternatively: Give students the option to take exams in groups. By having the students discuss the question, you stimulate conversations about the class materials. Students then formulate their own answers based on the discussion with fellow students. Also have a look at best practices.

Online Proctoring

Proctoring has become a known tool for surveillance during tests that can not be administered on campus. The tool meets the GDPR guidelines. Proctorio can record students’ screens, and checks their audio and webcam to make sure the students take the exam alone and are not using any other tools. 

Take a look at this video to see how this works for the students. Students who do not have access to the necessary equipment for online proctoring, can borrow a laptop from ECOLe.

Recordings of examinations are checked at the end by Proctorio’s software. You as the lecturer then check any incidents Proctorio notifies you of. With large groups, it is also possible to have surveillants review the images. You can specify this on your request. A report will include a list of all student who have shown suspicious behaviour. It is always up to the lecturer and the Exam Committee to decide whether to invalidate an exam.

More information on Proctorio can be found here.

Request proctoring together with your request for a Remindo examination.

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