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(Technical) support

In order to facilitate hybrid education, support is offered by the teacher support desks, both at a didactic and an executive level.

Facilities in the rooms

As a service, a hygiene station is available in each classroom for the cleaning of equipment during class (for example during presentations by students who alternate during a lecture).

Technical support for hybrid teaching

Support is also available from ICLON, CfI and UFB for, among other things:

  1. Equipment: fixed cameras for web lectures, the cases and permanently installed equipment for hybrid education;
  2. Pilots with hybrid education spaces (Learning Anywhere) that are part of the plans for the ‘Campus of the Future’ and the digitalisation strategy, and that can be accelerated;
  3. Trained student assistants from the CfI, for example as moderators during hybrid education;
  4. A tool in Brightspace with which students can report that they are not able to come to campus due to COVID-19 measures, so that a distribution for hybrid seminars can easily be arranged. The tool is integrated in all Brightspace courses and only needs to be set to visible for use. A manual for the use of the tool can be found here.
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