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Guideline for Education 2021-2022

The Faculty of Humanities' Guideline for Education, first semester, 2021-2022 – Back to Campus

As of September 2021, almost all education will be held on campus, with the restriction that no more than 75 students can be present at lectures. This means without the 1.5-metre distancing measure. It is mandatory to wear a face mask in the hallways.

What do we take away from the period of COVID-19?

We have gained a lot of experience with online education and examination (examination with Remindo and/or proctoring, posting knowledge clips online, using break-out rooms, online guest lectures, etc). We can use some of these insights in the future. In principle, we will start giving lectures on campus again, but online knowledge clips can of course still be used. A condition, however, is that seminars, tutorials or Q&A sessions are organised alongside online lectures. We invite you to think along about education in the future.

What does this mean for your teaching?

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