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Laptops for education

A moveable laptop trolley available for use in the Lipsius building.

Are you interested in incorporating digital aspects into your classes? There is a laptop trolley with 40 laptops available in the Lipsius building. You can use this for education and workshops during class hours. 


The trolley can be used in the entirety of the Lipsius building. The closest rooms able to make use of the full capacity are 2.01 and 2.06, both of which have space for 40 students. 

Make sure to reserve a room before requesting the laptops.

Reservation and use

The availability of the laptops can be found here. If a slot is reserved, but not all laptops are booked, you can still make a reservation. We will then put you into contact with the other person so you can coordinate how the laptops could be distributed amongst the two of  you.

If laptops are available at your desired time, you can reserve it via this request form. You will receive confirmation of your reservation as soon as it has been processed.

Request form


Please always refer to these instructions before using the laptops. Always make sure the laptops are placed back in the cart correctly, connected to the chargers, after use.



If you have specific requirements for software you would like to be available on the laptops you can contact us at ecole@hum.leidenuniv.nl. This should always be done ahead of the start of a new semester.


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