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Hybrid education

Hybrid education combines offline with online teaching. While some students attend your classes on campus, other students take part digitally, from their own home.

Are there students who cannot attend your class on campus and do you want to meet them in the middle? Hybrid education offers a solution. Also take a look at the quick guide and tips for hybrid teaching on the right. 

How do I set up hybrid education?


Webcams are already present and installed in several classrooms in both the Leiden and the Hague campus. Refer to this sheet to see which classrooms this applies to. 
At the Lipsius reception you can pick up a webcam with built-in microphone to borrow for the duration of your classes in rooms with no built-in webcam set. This way, you make sure that students online can properly see and hear you. 

You do not need to reserve a webcam, there are plenty available. Hand in the webcam after your class is over.

Webinar software

To teach your hybrid class, you will need one of the university‚Äôs webinar-tools: Kaltura Live Room, MS Teams or MS Live Events for larger groups of participants. Have a look at this table to see which tool best fits your way of teaching.


Make sure to come to the classroom somewhat in advance to set up everything you need for class. This ensures you can start on time for both the online and offline students. 

  • If applicable, set up the tripod and assemble the webcam.
  • Connect the webcam to the computer in the classroom with the USB cable.
  • Open MS Teams/Live Events/Kaltura Live Room and display it on the screen.
  • If you want to present something, like a Powerpoint, website or Word document, open it in MS Teams, a Live Room or Live Events. This makes sure that everybody can easily view de slides .
  • Should you encounter technical issues, call AV support, 6529.

Return the equipment to the reception desk. Make any applicable recordings available for students. 

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