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Weblectures and Knowledge clips


A weblecture is an automatic live stream and/or recording of a presentation, lecture, or reading that can be viewed online. Weblectures at Humanities are currently only available in the following lecture halls:

Leiden The Hague
  • Lipsius 0.03   
  • Lipsius 0.05   
  • Lipsius 0.11   
  • Lipsius 0.19   
  • Lipsius 0.28    
  • Wijnhaven 201  
  • Wijnhaven 202  
  • Schouwburgstraat A.006  
  • Anna van Bueren A.221 

You can find an example of a weblecture here. Please note that weblectures are primarily designed for broadcasting information; online participants cannot be heard or seen.  However, they can ask questions via a chat. A moderator can direct these questions to the lecturer.  

Request your weblectures at weblectures@hum.leidenuniv.nl. Always include:

- the course code 
- the lecture schedule  
- The desired weblecture option (1. live stream, 2. recording, 3. live stream and recording).

Make sure all speakers are informed they will be recorded/streamed live.

After your request, you will receive a confirmation with additional information. Depending on the request, the weblecture will be automatically placed in Brightspace course. It is also possible to receive individual link(s). 

Knowledge clips

The faculty of Humanities is very active in the field of Flipping the classroom. A lot of knowledge clips are produced in this context. Knowledge clips are short videos, up to a maximum of 10 minutes long, in which a certain (difficult) topic is discussed. These clips are used to prepare and inform students for upcoming lectures, allowing you to delve deeper into the materials during class.

Lecturer’s tip

Notify students of when you will make the clips available to watch, as well as when you will close them again. A short timeframe increases the amount of views considerably.

Recording knowledge clips in the studio

Clips can be recorded at the office or at home, but the faculty also has its own studio with a cameraman/video technician available to support you with recordings. He can help you with the setting up, recording and editing of your clip. Ususally, knowledge clips are made for ICT&O projects, but ad hoc knowledge clips can also be made in the studio, if the space is available. Do make sure to contact ECOLe at ecole@hum.leidenuniv.nl.

Record your own knowledge clip or podcast

Are you looking to record your own knowledge clips? Use the video-toolkit to help you out in your preparation process and creation of the clips. If needed, a video camera, microphone or audio recording device can be borrowed from ECOLe: ecole@hum.leidenuniv.nl.

Note: Webcam sets for hybrid teaching can be picked up at the Lipsius reception. A reservation is not necessary.

Students recording clips

Do you want to have your students record their own clips? You can find more information in this descriptive manual for students on how to make video essays. 

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