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Sharing student data

Handling student data is a necessary part of your work as teacher or invigilator.

Sharing student data? Do so safely!

Files like students lists or exam information will often contain personal information, and some data, such as sick notes or requests for extra time, may also contain sensitive information. Please be aware of this, and handle these files with care. And share the information safely, to protect the privacy of our students.

To that end, ensure that student data is only shared with those who are allowed access (i.e. teaching staff, invigilators), do not send unnecessary personal data. Never send unnecessary student information by email and do not store or process this data using third party software. Two secure tools provided by the University are SURFDrive and OneDrive.

More information and further explanation can be found in the leaflet below. 

Thank you for helping us keep things safe and secure at University.

Flyer Privacy and student data. Click on the image to download the flyer in PDF-format
Click on the image to download the flyer in PDF-format
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