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Training and supervision

From the start of your PhD you make agreements with your supervisors concerning your personal development and the supervision you receive. These agreements should be recorded in a Training and Supervision Plan. This plan contains agreements concerning your research, supervision, training, and potential teaching duties as a PhD candidate.

Agreements concerning training and supervision

Employed and contract PhD candidates are required to upload an approved Training and Supervision Plan in Converis GSM no later than three months after the start of their appointment. External PhD candidates should do this no later than six months after the start of their PhD track.

The Training and Supervision Plan covers the following aspects: the supervisors of your project, the division of their tasks, frequency of supervision, date of go/no go moment, data management, ethical check, training, teaching (if applicable), financial resources and workplan.  Agreements concerning the form and frequency of the personal supervision you receive during your appointment as a PhD candidate.

During the PhD track the Training and Supervision Plan can be revised if and where necessary. 

You can find the format for the Training and Supervision plan here. ACPA PhD candidates need to use this format.

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