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Tools FAQ

For general FAQ's check the university website.

Starting 22 April: Use Microsoft Authenticator

From 22 April, you will no longer be able to sign into Teams, Office 365, OneDrive and Skype for Business with your ULCN account alone, but you will need to go through an extra security step. You will have to verify your identity with Microsoft Authenticator, which you will need to install on your phone. This provides an extra level of security for your account and protects it from hackers and other malicious parties. 

Follow the instructions on the university website.


Where can I download Skype for Business?

Information on how to download and use Skype for Business can be found on this page.

How do I install MS Teams and set up a team for my course?

Please check out the MS teams manual on the right for all the information on setting up a team.

Can I use MS Teams with my university account if I already have a private account?

If you are already using Microsoft Teams you should sign out of your private account and log in on the desktop app using:

  • For employees:
    ULCN-username@vuw.leidenuniv.nl (this is not the same as your e-mail address!
  • For students: s+studentnumber@vuw.leidenuniv.nl (eg. s1234567@vuw.leidenuniv.nl) 

Unfortunately, it's not possible to be signed in with multiple accounts.

I cannot edit documents in MS Teams

Currently you cannot edit documents you open in MS Teams. A workaround is:

Select the file you want to open. A button 'Open Word or Excel' will appear in the menu bar. Open the drop-down menu and select either 'Open in .. Online', 'Open in Sharepoint' or 'Open in Browser (depening on the computer you are using). You will now be able to edit the file.

Is it possible to see more than 4 people at once during a meeting?

Unfortunately, 4 people is the maximum. People who are speaking will however be shown automatically. If you would like to see specific participants you can use the participants panel to pin and unpin attendees. This will then only be applied to your screen, not those of others.

Can I change or adjust the background of my session?

Yes you can. Old news is that you can blur it. New(s) is that Microsoft offers several backgrounds to alter yours. When starting a meeting, hit the three dots in the menu, choose 'Show Background effects' and choose a custom background. 

Warning: you appear odd if you move too quickly.

But can I add my own background?

Well, even more tweaky news is that you can.
First, create a background picture.

Then got to C:\users\[yourname] and copy-paste after that: \AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Teams\Backgrounds\Uploads.

From the three dots menu you can select your own background. 

I followed all of the instructions but the Kaltura Live Room button does not show up

It is possible your account has not been given authorization for Kaltura Live Room yet. You can request an account at the ISSC Helpdesk Portal.

I have activated my camera and microphone but the screen remains black

Most likely the class mode you are currently using is 'Webinar'. As a result, everyone that enters the room is ‘not live’ including yourself. In the participants panel you can click the Live button to activate your camera and audio.

We recommend using ‘Virtual Classroom’ as a class mode to avoid this problem. You will have to ask students to turn off their webcam and audio before commencing. You can change these settings using the settings icon in the upright corner of your Live Room.

Youtube videos cannot be found or won't load.

First try to empty your cache and, if this doesn't work, use an incognito window. If you are an Apple user, MS Teams might also cause some problems, so please close Teams.

How to clear your cache:

Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox

If this does not work please report the issue through the ISSC helpdesk. As a workaround you could try the following set-ups:

  • Try adding the Youtube video to 'My Media', you can then add the video to your playlist through 'Tools'>'Video Library' in your LiveRoom
  • Add the link to the Notes or Chat so students can watch the video individually, after which you can discuss it together.
  • Play it on your laptop and share your screen. Make sure your audio is loud enough, so students can hear it properly.

Can I start a parallel session with seminar groups?

Yes. In order to do so, you cannot use Brightspace to set up the Live Room as it only allows one session at a time. You should set up the different rooms through video.leidenuniv.nl. Refer to this manual for details on how to do this. 

Post the links to the parallel session on Brightspace.

I get the error: 'LTI Error Occurred' when trying to launch a Live Room from one of my channels.

Sometimes Live Rooms are not properly linked to channels. We are currently working on this issue. For now, please try making a new channel with the proper settings. This usually resolves the issue. You can then delete the old channel.

Can my students present using their own PowerPoint during a Kaltura LiveRoom ?

Yes. You can temporarily give presenting students the rights to share their screen. At the end of the presentation, you can revoke their rights again. You do this by opening the 'Participants' panel and checking the box in the drop down menu next to the name of the student(s).

Can I record a Kaltura Live Room session?

Yes, as a teacher you can indicate that a session needs to be recorded. You can do this by going to 'Tools' and clicking on 'Record'. You can then indicate how long it should keep recording. You can always stop the recording earlier. So it is better to start a recording that is a bit too long than to choose a running time that is too short. At the end of the session, the recording will appear in the channel from which you started the Live Room.

How do I share copyrighted video material during a live lecture?

Copyrighted video material should not be permanently available to students. Kaltura's playlist feature does not yet work, so currently the only way to share videos is to stream them by sharing your screen. Make sure your laptop volume is loud enough for students to hear the sound as well.

If the video is available on youtube, consider sharing the link in the chat. Students will then be able to watch the video for a short period of time, after which you can resume your lecture together.

How can you prevent students with a poor internet connection from not being able to attend your online classes?

The only thing we can recommend is to have students turn off their webcams. This really helps with the bandwidth. As a teacher, you can also 'hide' the webcams, which saves you a lot of bandwidth.

If students have a bad wifi connection but a large data bundle they could try to get into the Live Room via a hotspot, this might work better.

As a backup it is useful to record your lecture and offer it on Brightspace so that students who did not enter the lecture can still watch it. This can be done via 'Tools'>'Record'. On Brightspace you can add content via 'Build content'> 'Kaltura Media'.

I get an error when opening my Live Room: “Instructor is offline’.

If you get the error ‘Instructor is offline’ when opening your own LiveRoom you should clear the cache of your browser. This will most likely resolve the problem. If this does not work please try using another browser.

How to clear your cache:

Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox

Links in my Word and Powerpoint files do not work.

When you add files, Kaltura Live Room will convert them into ‘images’. There is no option to upload your files in their original format. This means that links and other interactive elements in e.g. Word and Powerpoint files do not work anymore.

In general there are two solutions.

First, do not upload the files, but rather open the files on your computer and share the screen with your students. See under Course Tools, Desktop Share. A disadvantage is that the files are not really shared, and that students cannot click and access the links themselves. Further, when a link points to an audio or video file, like on YouTube, the sound quality may be low (it is better to use the Youtube course tool for videos).

Second, publish the links in the Chat window where students can copy them for their own usage.

My own internet is too weak to host a Kaltura Live Room properly.

We recommend you plug your computer into your router using a LAN-connection. This will improve your internet immensly.

How do I put Kaltura Capture videos up on Brightspace?

Go to the designated folder and select Build Content -> Kaltura Media -> click on the video you want to embed. 

Note: The following route sometimes seems to give an error message:  Documents -> Kaltura media gallery.

My powerpoint does not show up properly in my screen recording.

If you are using a Mac this might cause problems. If available, please try using a different device.

Can students use Kaltura Capture to shoot their own videos and upload them to the LMS course?

Yes, students can access Kaltura Capture the same way you can. You can send them this Kaltura Capture for students tutorial.

They can then upload the videos in a Pitch2Peer assignment. Find out how to set up a Pitch2Peer assignment here

Tip: Student videos will now show up in your media at the videoportal. This will make it easy to add them to a playlist in your LiveRoom, allowing you to watch them together with students in class.

I have shared my videos with students, but they can’t seem to access the videos.

The best way to share your videos is by embedding them on your Brightspace course. You can check out this video tutorial on how to do so (starting from 3:27). 

Can I reuse old weblectures?

Yes, you can reuse previously recorded weblectures of the same course from a previous semester. Contact weblectures@hum.leidenuniv.nl for the links to the weblectures.

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