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Webinars & Recordings

To inform you of the possibilities of online teaching and assessments, ECOLe organises webinars.

Online Education Lunchbytes

Would you like to hear how other teachers fare in this age of online education? In these online Lunchbytes, teachers share their (previous) experiences with online education. 

Online Assessment Webinars

In these webinars we inform you about how to convert your usual method of examination to the new online format. 


Old Lunchbytes that are relevant for the current situation:

  • Digital assesment using audio
    Zhaole Yang, Yinzhi Zhang and Enrico Odelli discuss their experiences with digital assessments in combination with audio material. 

  • Take-home exams in groups
    This outtake of the Lunchbyte by Frans Willem Korsten on flipping the classroom discusses his set-up for a collaborative take-home exam.

Although these Lunchbytes were held a while back with a focus on face-to-face education, they provide valuable information on making your classes interactive which is still possible in the current situation.

  • Interactive lectures thanks to IT
    How do you create meaningful interaction with your students? Jeroen Touwen and Bram Hoonhout show how their students come to class well prepared and discuss mock exam questions with each other.

  • Active Learning Classrooms
    Katinka Zeven and Lettie Dorst talk about how they let their students collaborate on assignments, using the facilities of the Active Learning Classroom. Kaltura Breakout Rooms offers similar options.

  • Video Quizzes
    More and more lecturers use videos in their teaching. How do you ensure that your students actually watch and learn from these videos? A Lunchbyte by Éloïse Ruby and Abhishek Avtans.

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