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Work Balance in Action

Many people at the Faculty of Humanities engage in their work with great passion and enthusiasm. It is important that employees enjoy their work and create a healthy work balance. Work Balance in Action is intended to keep the theme of ‘work balance’ on the agenda. By engaging in dialogue around this topic, we break through existing taboos, so that we can work together to take steps to improve work balance and job satisfaction.

Talk about it to your supervisor

Sometimes, we have taboos around talking about a healthy work balance. And everyone has their own way of coping with it. Perfectionism, for example, can play a role in this context. Talk to your supervisor about how you experience balance in your work, and explore together where you can improve things.

Have a look at the prompting board (on the right, click on the magnifying glass) for tips and tricks, and find out more on the ‘Talk about work balance’ page (on the left in the drop-down menu).

Focus Work Balance in Action

Until 2025, we will be focusing on the following three priorities:

  • Introducing start-up and incentive grants;
  • Smarter steering on content and organisation of education while maintaining quality and focusing on future-proofing our faculty;
  • Dialogue, development and transparency regarding the career perspectives of the academic staff.

In this first phase of Work Balance in Action, we focus on the academic staff. The reason that the Staff Monitor has revealed that urgency is highest among the academic staff. At a later stage, we will also develop a work balance programme for non-academic staff.

Get to work on your work balance yourself

We need to work together to create a healthy work environment. Everyone, from the Executive Board to supervisors and employees, is responsible for contributing to this. With small, conscious actions, you can already make a difference and create a healthier work balance for yourself and your colleagues. Click on the links on this page for tools to improve your work balance.

Is your work fulfilling enough?

How do you improve your work balance? If you have a lot of work to do, but your work is fulfilling, you will probably not experience work balance as problematic. This is why it is important to ask yourself: ‘Is my work fulfilling enough?’ This animation illustrates how workload works and offers tips for preventing excessive work pressure.

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