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In the spotlight: background information, news and announcements about research infrastructure access and support.


Perhaps you’ve already met Johan Verweij? He’s the new project leader of the Research Infrastructure Access and Support subproject. This subproject is part of the Leiden Research Support (LRS) programme. Who knows, you may find yourself discussing this with him soon. The aim of this subproject is to make it easier for researchers to access our existing research infrastructure.

Begin with a clear definition

In the near future, Verweij will be talking to researchers, policy officers, information managers, directors and other stakeholders to gain a clearer picture of what is happening at our university with regard to the research infrastructure. This will enable him to come up with a definition, which would be very useful. Then we’ll know what we are talking about. Verweij will then look at whether the existing lists of the infrastructure at Leiden University and the LUMC are kept up to date. So there’s plenty to do in the near future.

Talk to the project leader

Johan Verweij has worked for the past seven years as an executive secretary and head of the Faculty of Humanities policy department. He has been seconded to the Strategy and Academic Affairs Directorate. ‘I love taking on new things and improving the collaboration and coordination between the different parts of a university. I’m pleased to be spending the coming year doing that for the Leiden Research Support programme,’ Verweij says. You may have already spoken to him. But you can always plan a meeting yourself. If you have any questions, expertise or suggestions, arrange to meet him via  j.a.verweij@bb.leidenuniv.nl. He’d love to hear your findings.

More info about this subproject?

See the webpage on this subproject: Research infrastructure access and support

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