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Research infrastructure: access and support

The aim of this process is to make it easier for researchers to access the existing research infrastructure. We will improve the information about this infrastructure and reach clear agreements with the faculties. This will give researchers better access to the available options at the University, both within and outside their own faculty, as well as at the LUMC and the various institutes.

Define, identify and advise

The process has been divided into different phases: 

  1. Defining what is meant by ‘research infrastructure’ and determining whether the lists of infrastructure at Leiden University and the LUMC are kept up to date.  
  2. Identifying researchers’ needs with regard to accessing the research infrastructure at Leiden University and the LUMC and any barriers to this.
  3. Advising on the possibilities of sharing the infrastructure and how this can be given shape.  

Project implementation: talk, coordinate and advise

Project leader Johan Verweij will spend the next year talking to researchers, policy advisers, information managers, managers and other stakeholders. The results of the three phases of the project will be incorporated in various products including an action plan. This will be presented to the Steering Committee of the LRS programme.

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