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Financial project management

This project has been completed

The goal of this project is to strengthen the supporting role of the faculty-level project control support staff in order to improve the support provided by project controllers for externally funded research projects, in both the pre-award and post-award phases. This includes making improvements to the process of setting a budget for the project.

Improving financial project management

To streamline the budgeting process, a budgeting module has been developed for common grants from funding organisations such as the NWO and the EU. This will save time for both researchers and project control support staff. Colleagues from various domains have been closely involved in developing and testing this module. The budgeting module  has now been made available to the project control support staff.

Knowledge sharing among project control support staff is being encouraged through workshops. The audit of a project file, project administration and the various tasks involved in project control have been addressed so far. In 2021, the focus will be on specific themes such as the EU’s Horizon Europe programme, the annual accounting process and the development of skills on a broader level. 

Internal guidelines relating to financial project management and Q&As for common grants are shared on the SharePoint site for Project Control, along with all the templates and manuals that have been developed. Within LRS, these knowledge bases will be linked via the Research Support Portal that was developed in project 2.

In order to establish a clear picture of the roles and responsibilities of support staff, the processes in the pre- and post-award phases are being mapped out. This involves examining what tooling is required to optimise the activities involved in the financial management of research projects. This activity is being carried out ahead of the possible purchase and implementation of project management tooling in 2022.

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