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Preparation project management tooling for research projects

Within the LRS programme, we began to prepare last autumn for the possible purchase of research project management tooling. We are looking at where tooling could help researchers and support staff with applying for research projects as well as with managing, financially administering and reporting on these projects. The process is being carried out by Fundatis on behalf of LRS.

Phase 1 (completed)

In the first phase, we made an inventory of the current and desired research project management tooling and advised on the use of project management tooling in the pre- and post-award phases. If you are interested in this advice, please let us know.

Phase 2

From April to July 2022 we will be working on a university-wide vision on the system architecture for research project management, a programme of requirements, a short market consultation and a business case. For more information contact project leader Trijntje Kraak.

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