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Implementation data management programme

Within LRS, the implementation of the data management programme focuses on new facilities, support and tools for managing and sharing research data. The aim is to facilitate data management for institutes and researchers, while also enabling them to fulfil the requirements in the areas of integrity, safety and sustainability/reusability according to the FAIR principles.

Infrastructure for data management support

To this end, we are building a system that will support data management in all phases of the research process: before, during and after.

Work being done as part of this programme includes: 

  1. Creating a storage facility for research data
  2. Drawing up a data management policy
  3. Providing support for data stewardship
  4. Providing data management facilities, such as:
    • ResearchDrive to make it easier to share and manage data within research projects
    • iRODS/YODA for support throughout the research data cycle, including workflows, metadata management and several types of storage
    • OMERO for microscopy data
    • a service for the automated pseudonymisation of research data
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