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Integrated support on compliance & ethics

A team of experts from different disciplines helps research support staff find accurate information about the legislation and ethics that apply to research and research data.

Interdisciplinary team helps navigate through research cycle requirements

In their research, researchers often have to take into account many different pieces of legislation, types of documentation and codes of conduct. As a result, they and the research support staff increasingly face complex questions that cannot be addressed from a single field. This is because these questions often relate to topics that require expert advice on ethics, privacy, intellectual property, security and data management. How to ensure the faculty research support staff have access to these fields of expertise is something an interdisciplinary team of experts is currently looking into.

Complex questions pilot

A complex questions pilot started in July 2022. There is now a single point of contact via the Helpdesk Portal for research support staff from the Faculties of Social and Behavioural Sciences, Humanities, and Governance and Global Affairs who have complex interdisciplinary questions about research data. This makes it easier for them to find answers to such questions. The pilot will run until the end of October 2022

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