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In the spotlight: background information, news and announcements about the project Integrated support on compliance & ethics.


Researchers and support staff increasingly face questions that cannot be answered from a single support area but rather require an answer that takes into account privacy, security, ethical, scientific and legal aspects. This requires a process. We are starting a pilot to create this process.

Pilot of 3 months

Beginning in February 2022, a 3 month pilot will be run with the Humanities, Social Sciences and Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs. This pilot is a part of the Leiden Research Support (LRS) Project focussed on creating an integrated approach to compliance and ethics support (LRS Project 7). This pilot aims to create a process whereby support staff can easily and efficiently receive answers to these interdisciplinary questions. Support staff from the three faculties will have access to a point on the Leiden Helpdesk where they can submit these questions. Questions submitted to the Point of Contact will be picked by an interdisciplinary working group. Answers to the questions will be provided directly to the support staff member who submitted the question but will also be turned into generalised advice/knowledge for support staff across all faculties. 

Aim of the pilot

The aim of the pilot is to:

  1. Test out this way of working to streamline the process of getting answers to complex questions.
  2. Gain insight into the types of questions researchers and staff face.
  3. Ensure that the best advice to novel questions is made available to all support staff. 

At the end of the 3 months the pilot team will conduct an evaluation. Based on this decisions will be made about the continuation. 

More information or comments

For more information or comments please contact Joanna van der Merwe, Project Lead Integrated Support on Compliance and Ethics.

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