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Integrated support on compliance & ethics

Whilst conducting their work, researchers need to interpret and apply laws and regulations, code of conduct, and other related documents to their work. Understanding how these different obligations apply in practice, especially when making use of new technologies and methodologies, can be a challenge and time-consuming. It can also present complex questions that require a multidisciplinary approach which requires bringing together ethics, privacy, intellectual property etc. experts to put together advice.

Priority 7 of the Leiden Research Support (LRS) aims to enhance the University‚Äôs ability to support researchers as they navigate these various obligations throughout the research cycle. The aim is to align ongoing tooling, policy and support initiatives in this area, assist in the creation of processes by which complex questions can be answered, and work together with other LRS priority areas to establish a knowledge base for, amongst other things, legal support, privacy, information security, intellectual property and ethics for research data. 

Beginning in May, LRS priority seven will take a phased approach to mapping out the current state of the support in this area, bringing together the necessary stakeholder and working together to maintain alignment and implement necessary changes.


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