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Research Support Portal

The purpose of the Research Support Portal is to make information on research support easier to find for researchers and support staff.

The Research Support Portal was designed with researchers and research in mind. Information on support is accessible through a single point of entry, regardless of of where it is located within the university. Researchers can find information in the portal in various ways – based on the current phase of their research project or the type of support they currently need, for example.

We can only create a user-friendly portal by working closely with researchers and support staff at the various faculties, institutes and service units. We would like to continue our dialogue with all those involved to improve and add to the design and content of the portal. In this way, we can jointly make the support information for the entire research process more accessible.

Homepage of the research support portal.
Homepage of the research support portal


In the spring of 2020, we met with  a number of researchers and research support staff and incorporated their wishes into our designs. We then started creating the portal and collecting the content.

In December 2020, the beta version of the portal was delivered, with a limited amount of information. From January to May 2021 we supplemented and improved the content with the help of a large number of colleagues from faculties, institutes and support units.

As of 25 May 2021, the Research Support Portal is live at https://www.researchsupport.universiteitleiden.nl.
However, the portal will continue to develop and grow. In the course of 2021, technical improvements will be made and we will continue to work on the content together with the research support staff. We welcome feedback from researchers and supporters, to ensure the portal matches the research process and the information needs of researchers as closely as possible. 

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