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Support Networks

The aim of the LRS project is to establish future-proof, university-wide networks of research support staff, and to allocate clearly defined roles and responsibilities within those networks. The networks need to be agile and based on self-organization, and to incorporate various forms of partnership, cooperation and joint responsibility (sometimes temporary or evolving in nature).

The first goal of these networks is to ensure that support staff at university level and at faculty level, and in all the various domains, know where to find one another. Further goals include promoting the exchange of knowledge and expertise, and enabling support staff to join forces rapidly and efficiently in response to the complex needs of researchers across Leiden.

The project emphasises the roles and responsibilities of university-level and faculty-level support staff working in the areas of funding advice, project management, financial management, data management, legal support and ethics.

Together with support staff, the project team is working towards a more robust support network. 

The project began in January 2021 and will continue until mid-2022.

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