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Migrating research data

Do you need help migrating your research data?

Researchers who experience problems accessing, sharing and/or managing their research data during the period of working from home can apply for help using the form below. We help the researcher to see in which ways the research data can be accessed, whether the data should be moved (temporarily) to another platform, and/or we help the researcher with the actual migration of the data.

To facilitate the choice and request for help, the Leiden Catalogue of Research Data Services lists an overview of storage and archiving solutions that enable you to consult and share your files online within a research group. Please note that this website is work in progress. More information will be added in the coming days/weeks.

Request help and advice

Do you need help migrating your research data?

Request form

Request data migration from the ISSC

There are pros and cons when migrating data to other platforms. Please consider the following before requesting the help of the ISSC:

  • Migrating data takes time and effort. This should be proportionate to the time you would lose if you weren’t to migrate the data.
  • Certain services store your data in the cloud and are not suitable for sensitive or confidential data.
  • Do you need a data storage solution for collaboration with others inside or outside the University?
  • Will you need to migrate the data back to its original location, once this situation has ended?
  • Do you have data management support staff within your institute/faculty whom we can contact so that we can align decisions?
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