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Impact of COVID-19 on research funding procedures

As with other aspects of research, the COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on research funding procedures. There have been changes to these procedures at both the national and the European level. Here we list the consequences for each phase of the funding process.

Latest update on 16 June

Upcoming deadlines


Funding rounds pauzed during the social distancing measures will be resumed. NWO will take care that rounds will be published 4 months before the deadline (6 months in case of complex calls). The definitive deadline needs to be communicated 2 months before closing.

NWO has made major changes to its Talent Scheme, which means:

  • The second and third round of the Rubicon will be combined and will have a deadline of 1 December 2020
  • The deadline for Veni preproposals has been moved from September 2020 to January 2021
  • The deadline for the Vidi will remain the same, but several changes have been made to the application process for the 2020 and 2021 rounds.

For more information on these changes and their repercussions see the NWO website.

European Commission

All deadlines between 17 March and 15 April have been postponed. New deadlines will be announced per call. Please see the European Commission’s Funding & Tenders portal for the latest updates.

Evaluation of applications


Evaluation rounds that are already in progress will proceed as planned if no interaction is needed with applicants.

Scheduled interviews have been postponed. NWO is now able to hold interviews remotely and will inform applicants as soon as possible of the new date of their interview.

NWO has made major changes to the Talent Scheme, which means:

  • Veni interviews have been moved to September 2020.
  • Vidi interviews have been moved to September 2020. This will cause an overlap between the 2019 and 2020 rounds. For more information see the NWO website.

The response time for rebuttals has been doubled.

European Commission

As yet, no changes have been made to the European Commission’s evaluation of applications. 

Grant & consortium agreement procedures


Researchers will be provided more time to start their project. Projects for which the starting date expires before 31-12-2020 will now receive an autmatic extension of the starting date until 31-12-2020. A further extension is possible at the request of the project leader, up to a maximum of what is usually permitted, plus 3 months (6 months for consortium and/or co-funded projects).

Complete guidelines for ongoing NWO research

European Commission

The European Commission procedures will also continue as usual. The European Commission will handle requests for an extension on a case by case basis.

Ongoing research and reporting


The deadlines for reporting on running projects have been postponed by four months. Projects may still not start without the appropriate paperwork in place. 

NWO will do its best to accommodate requests for changes to the research plan, project extensions and/or budget shifts. One conidition, however, is that these request aim to complete the project within the framework and the bduget of the research project, and that the appointed PhD candidates conduct research that leads to a dissertation.

If partners in a consortium are unable to provide cofinancing in an ongoing project, the project leader must report this to NWO as soon as possible so suitable measures can be taken.

Complete guidelines for ongoing NWO research

European Commission

You may enact the ‘Force Majeure’ clause in your contract to suspend your project temporarily. The University is looking into what repercussions this will have on research projects. Please contact LURIS if you have questions about this.

More information

For more information, please see the NWO’s corona response page or the European Research Area (ERA) corona platform.

For an overview of the latest changes, please see the LURIS Research Funding SharePoint environment.

Other questions?

If you have any other questions, please see our Remote Research FAQs or contact the Luris Research Development team by sending an email to grants@luris.nl or contacting one of the grant developers directly. If you have any financial questions about your project, please contact your project controller/account manager within the faculty.

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