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Teaching Support Webinars

Webinars on remote teaching, open for all teachers and staff.

In response to the corona crisis, the Centre for Innovation and ICLON, in coordination with faculties, organised weekly webinars from March to July 2020 to support Leiden University staff and teachers in the transition to Remote Teaching. At the moment the webinar programme has been discontinued, but you can view past webinars in the video portal or via the past programme overview on the Teaching Support Gateway.

If you are interested in conducting a webinar or workshop on a specific topic for your faculty or institute, the Centre for Innovation and ICLON offer personalised training and facilitation for teachers and staff. Get in touch with us via c4i@sea.leidenuniv.nl t0 learn more. 

Find previous topics or rewatch a webinar via the Remote Teaching channel on the Video Portal

Previous topics

If you still have questions, use the to get in touch with the Remote Teaching Support Team.

If you have specific questions or are looking for additional advice on remote teaching, get in touch with your faculty coordinators. You can also use the Remote Teaching Tile in the Helpdesk to contact the Remote Teaching Support Team.

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