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Remote testing

Read the manual for all information on remote digital examination

Information about various ways of digital assessment and surveillance.

Manual for Digital Assessment

More information

  • The Centre for Innovation and ICLON are organising webinars to provide information and answer questions on technical and didactical needs for remote teaching. They are open to all teachers and staff at Leiden University. Keep an eye on the website www.universiteitleiden.nl/remoteteaching for exact dates and times.
  • In 'Take-Home Exams in Higher Education: A Systematic Review' of Lars Bengsston (2019) you can find some theoretical argumentation for take-home exams: Take-Home Exams in Higher Education: A Systematic Review.

Need help?

If you still have questions, use the Remote Teaching Tile in the Helpdesk to get in touch with the Remote Teaching Support Team. With urgent questions, call 071 527 8888.

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