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Brightspace is Leiden University's digital learning environment.

You can find the Brightspace manuals on the Brightspace supportsite. In Brightspace you can use several functionalities and tools. The functionalities of Brightspace are explained on the Brightspace supportsite. Below the tools and the possibilities it offers are described.

Want to find out which tool/Brightspace functionality best suits your education? Share your question in the teaching@science community or ask us for advice at seeds@science.leidenuniv.nl.

Turnitin is a programme which enables you to use, for instance, a plagiarism check or rubrics to review your students' assignments. As Turnitin is integrated in Brightspace, grades can automatically be transferred from Turnitin Feedbackstudio to Brightspace. 

You can find more information on Turnitin in Brightspace on the Brightspace supportsite

Turnitin Peermark is, just like Turnitin Feedbackstudio,  integrated in Brightspace. Peermark enables students to give feedback on the work of their peers. You have full control on how the assignments are distributed amongst the students, and how many assignments each student must give feedback on. 

For more information on Turnitin Peermark consult the Turnitin website

Pitch2Peer enables students, just like Peermark, to give feedback on their peers' assignments. Where Peermark is primarily suited for papers and essays, Pitch2Peer focuses on the review of videos, photos, posters, slideshows, and animations. 

For more information on Pitch2Peer consult the Brightspace supportsite

FeedbackFruits (FbF) is a tool designed with interaction and feedback in mind. This tool allows you to choose from an array of different assignments. For instance, you can prompt a discussion amongst your students in the margins of a video or text, enable them to give interactive presentations, and review the assignments of their peers. You can find an overview of all the functionalities that FbF offers, and their uses, on the FeedbackFruits website

For more information about using FeedbackFruits in Brightspace consult the Brightspace supportsite

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