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On-campus teaching

Education that takes places on campus is also called on-campus teaching. How do you make optimal use of the (often limited) contact hours that you have?

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Lectures can feel like an one-way street of information for students. By building in regular moments of interaction, you can prevent this and help students focus on the lecture.

Tips & tools

  • Ask questions regularly or give an assignment to create interaction. By using tools like Feedbackfruits or Presenterswall it is easier for (the more introverted) students to react. Which means more students will respond and are engaged, not only those on the front row. 
  • Record your lecture so that students can watch it back whenever they want or need to. In some lecture halls recording equipment is build in to record these lectures, in the other cases you can loan a webcamset to record your lecture on campus.
  • Do you teach on location while part of the students is participating online? (This is called hybrid teaching.) Then use the webcamset and Kaltura Live RoomMicrosoft Teams or Zoom. Project one of these tools via the beamer and open your slides in the tool as well. This way the slides are visible for everyone, everyone on location can see the online participants and the online participants can see you as well.

In a working group you want the student to apply the knowledge they gained earlier. Make use of the interaction between students and supervisors that is possible in a working group on campus.

Tips & tools

  • What do you aim for with your working group? There are several activating modes of instruction that you can apply to a working group. Looking for advise about which mode of instruction suits your education? Contact us via seeds@science.leidenuniv.nl 
  • To make the most of the time you have, briefly activate prior knowledge (for example with a short introduction or quiz) and use the rest of the time to get them to work. Avoid transforming the working group into a lecture. 
  • Do you teach on location while part of the students is participating online? (This is called hybrid teaching) Then use the webcamset and Kaltura Live Room or Microsoft Teams. Project one of these tools via the beamer and open your slides in the tool as well. This way the slides are visible for everyone, everyone on location can see the online participants and the only participants can see you as well. Make separate groups online and on location if you want students to collaborate, because this is technically the easiest solution.

The time that students can spend in the lab is very valuable. So it is important that students can get to work quickly. To make optimal use of the limited amount of time, students should know exactly what to do in the lab and therefore be well-prepared. 

Tips & tools

  • Provide assignments beforehand that prepare them on the lab practicals, to ensure that students know exactly what they should do. You can use Labbuddy to make students prepare their research set-up and carry it out in the lab. 
  • (How) do you want your students to keep a labjournal? Make sure that your students know beforehand what this means and how they should do this, especially when it is new to them and if you have specific requirements.

Which facilities can you expect regarding recordings and/or livestreams?  
In a couple of rooms there already are facilities present and for some rooms a reservation has to placed in order to retrieve the necessary facilities. With these facilities you can give your lectures online or in hybrid form, using Zoom, MS Teams or Kaltura.

Fixed facilities in the lecture rooms
Here and at the bottom of the page you will find an overview of the facilities per lecture room. This way you can check if there already is a webcam or fixed camera present. This has no impact on your chosen platform (Zoom, Teams, Kaltura), but you’ll know what you can count on in terms of facilities.  
The other option you will find in the overview is a Mediasite recorder. For lectures scheduled in those lecture rooms we will schedule live streams / recordings that start and stop automatically. If that applies to your course, we will contact you about the livestream link / recording and other useful information.  

Which support can you request?  
You can request the following support: See the flowchart at the bottom of the page for quicker guidelines.  

  • Moderation: someone will be present during the entire lecture and monitor the chat, livestream etc. and does not count in the 75 max. people that are allowed to attend. The moderator also helps with technical support and can only moderate when you are using Zoom, Teams or Kaltura. The moderator will contact you.
    Good to know: A moderator is not a teaching assistant. Moderators join the lesson to make the online environment comfortable and safe for everyone. They have no teaching or learning responsibilities, nor do they help with planning.
  • Technical help with starting and/or closing the online part of the lecture. This implies; retrieving the webcam (if necessary), setting up the webcam and checking that it works properly on the platform to be used (e.g. Zoom, Kaltura or Teams), closing the online session and returning the webcam (if applicable ) when the lecture ends. 
  • Camera control, if you give lectures in one of the following rooms: 
    Gorlaeus C1, C2, C3, C4-5 and the Sitterzaal, you can request camera control if you use the chalkboard a lot and the automatic tracking camera is not sufficient.
  • Webcam reservation, if you need an (extra) webcam to for your education, you can place the reservation via SEEDS.  

How do you request support? 
If you want to make use of this, download and fill in the enclosed form here or at the bottom of this page and send it to seeds@science.leidenuniv.nl. We will arrange on-site support for the desired data. 

Emergency number 
In an emergency, as of 6 September we always have someone on site during office hours. In that case you can call 8082 (in case of no one answers 8888: ISSC). 

Choice of application 
Is it important that the chalkboard or whiteboard is clearly readable? In that case, use Zoom, as this application provides the highest image quality when streaming and recording your lecture. Look here or at the bottom of this page for a short instruction on how to use the fixed cameras in Zoom.

Overview available documents:

Download the application form for on-site support here

Application form on-site support
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