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New SSH labs in Sylvius Building in use from 4 September 2023

On 4 September 2023, the new Sylvius SSH labs will be opened for use as part of the Social Sciences & Humanities labs. In recent months, not only the construction company but also colleagues from the relevant institutes have been working hard to make this possible on schedule.


We are delighted that this first milestone of the SSH Labs project has been achieved. With this, we are giving new impetus to the further intensification of interdisciplinary cooperation within the SSH domain. In this way, we continue to guarantee the high quality of behavioural science research.

Further development in coming months

An important part of the project is the centralisation and sharing of research infrastructure. This is also the most challenging part, where all the attention of the project team and working groups is currently focused. Its further elaboration and implementation will take place in the coming months. The official grand opening will therefore take place at a later date.

Information and availability

The first studies in the new labs will start on 4 September 2023. Researchers from the partner institutes Psychology and Education and Child Studies of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences and institutes LUCL and LUCDH of the Faculty of Humanities can also submit lab applications via labsupport-ssh@leidenuniv.nl as of September.  

Kind regards,

Rolf Oosterloo
Executive director Faculty of Social Sciences

Saskia Goedhard
Executive director Faculty of Humanities

Part of the SSH Labs plan is the construction of new laboratory spaces in the Sylvius Building, construction of which is currently in its final stages. These new Sylvius labs will be delivered in June, after which the installation of technical equipment and furniture will take place. We expect the first labs to be available for use in the Sylvius around September 2023. Some of the research facilities in the Pieter de la Court Building will be moved to the new SSH labs in the Sylvius building in phases over the course of the project. The labs on the Humanities Campus will remain unchanged.

Transition phase

The phase for transition plans has arrived. This process will take into account efficient management to best support its use for researchers from the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences and the Faculty of Humanities. Specifically for researchers from the Institutes of Psychology and Education and Child Studies, ongoing and planned research during the transition will also be taken into account so that it can continue unhindered as much as possible.


Because of the involvement of several faculties, proper coordination, organisation and planning is needed. To this end, two workgroups have been set up with members from the Institutes of Psychology, Education and Child Studies, Linguistics and Digital Humanities institutes involved, lab coordinators and the Departments of Support for Research, Laboratories and Education (FSW) and Information Management and Facilities (FGW) that will focus on the organisation of lab support and coordination, as well as on the transition from the Pieter de la Court lab to the Sylvius lab, and the renovation of the Pieter de la Court lab. These workgroups will gather input from researchers and users of the labs to ensure a smooth transition.


The working groups aim to keep everyone informed during the transition process. Updates will also be sent out. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at SSH@FSW.leidenuniv.nl.

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