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The Grant Support Office at the Research Desk provides information and advice on grant opportunities. We also support researchers in the process of developing and writing their grant proposal and guide them through the mandatory administrative matters.

When you are considering applying for a grant, take notice of the regulation "Working for Third Parties" in which the Principal Investigator's responsibility in this process is described. Contact us well in advance so we can discuss your proposal and help you set a time frame.

At the Research Desk we provide information about:

  • Finding specific grants/grant opportunities
  • Setting a timeline
  • Writing proposals
  • Preparing for interviews
  • Advice on consortium formation
  • Feedback on proposals and rebuttals
  • Interview trainings
  • Administrative & financial support

More support at Leiden University

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Budget preparation for your research proposal Projectcontrol
CDS to facilitate and support Digital Scholarship (Text & data mining, Open Access, Copyright, Collaborative environments)

Centre for Digital Scholarship

CDS  Datamanagement
Conducting Research that is not funded by the University contribution Regulations on Working for Third Parties
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