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Choice of funding You have decided what grant to apply for. Inform the Research Desk team to help you set up a timeline, specifically for this grant.
Embedding in your institute Make sure embedding in your institute is guaranteed. It’s mandatory to timely discuss matters with the institute board and the chair of your department (i.e. regarding finance, possible permanent contracts, workstations and so forth).
Budget Together with Projectcontrol and your institute manager, draw up a budget for your project and, if applicable, discuss the financing of overhead costs. 
Request for Approval  Confirm approval of your application and have all concerned (at your institute) sign the “Request for Approval” (RfA), fill in via this tool. Only with this document Leiden University’s legal representative (usually the managing director, on some cases the Dean) can sign (supporting) documents (and at a later stage agreements and contracts). Instructions to fill in RfA.
Legal check In some cases fund givers request Leiden University’s consent to all terms and conditions in advance (an exception, but it occurs). Then the legal team at Luris must be involved to determine if Leiden University can comply (contact through Research Desk).
Mock interview During the application phase at NWO and ERC, you might be invited to present your research proposal. Our team at the Research Desk will kindly help you organize a mock interview so you can practice this presentation and interview and get useful feedback from colleagues. 
Apply! Submit your application.

Please inform us about the outcome at researchdesk@fsw.leidenuniv.nl. If your proposal is rejected, an evaluation might be useful to see where and how you can improve your next application. Regardless, please don’t give up and try again….
The grant is awarded? Congratulations! See 'After obtaining a grant' for more information.


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