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Writing a proposal

Writing a proposal needs to be well-prepared and takes time.

Besides this faculty's Grant office, Luris' Grant Development Team will also gladly help you: on this writing a proposal website you will find all kinds of useful information to guide you through the process of writing a proposal, and provide you with generic tools, examples and materials for writing.

Our support team, as well as Luris' team, will provide you with information on:

  • finding suitable grant opportunities
  • writing your proposal for an individal grant or colleboratieve project
  • preparing and writing for an individual or collaborative grant
  • datamanagement
  • getting feedback and training
  • rebuttal and interview
  • valorisation and impact

If you need to write a data management paragraph or a datamanagement plan as part of your proposal, you can contact the Data Management Team at the Centre for Digital Scholarship via this emailaddress.

Your funder may require you to publish Open Acces. You can contact the Open Access Team at the  Centre for Digital Scholarship through this emailaddress for advice on your budget or on alternative ways to comply with funder requirements. They also provide an overview of agreements with journal publishers that allow Leiden researchers to publish their article Open Access without additional costs.

Research proposal budget

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