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Collecting and storing human tissues

For some types of research it might be necessary to collect blood or saliva samples. The FSW has strict rules in place for collecting, storing, transporting and destroying human tissues. Read all about our guidelines and protocols. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask your labcoordinator or SOLO Research and Lab Support.

Guidelines and methods for saliva collection depend on the type of research. Please consult the literature and always confirm with your supervisor which guidelines are to be followed. Should these deviate from the FSW protocol you should discuss this beforehand with the research technicians at SOLO.

Please note, venepuncture is only allowed at the LUMC and after approval of a CCMO-accredited ethics committee.

Every researcher who will be taking blood from participants must be adequately trained to take blood independently, so as to ensure the safety not only of the participant but also that of the member of staff. 

Before researchers can independently collect blood samples, they must be able to show proof of competence in the form of the “Checklist for assessment of practical skills: venepuncture”. If they do not have this, they must complete a training course. 

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