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Long-term data retention

Once the research has been completed, the research data must be retained securely for the long term. This means that the integrity, availability and – if required – confidentiality of the data must be guaranteed.

The data should be retained according to the retention periods in the Dutch ‘Selectionlist'. Do you have any questions about archiving? Please contact the Documentary Information and Archiving (DIA) department. Guidelines (DSW) for the archiving of academic research for faculties of Social and Behavioural Sciences in the Netherlands are also available.

Both the Institute of Education and Child Studies and the Institute of  Psychology make use of DataverseNL to archive academic research data. 
DataverseNL is an open source web application to share, preserve, cite, explore and analyse research data. It facilitates making data available to others and allows you to replicate others work. Researchers, data authors, publishers, data distributors, and affiliated institutions all receive appropriate credit.

A Dataverse repository hosts multiple data verses. Each Dataverse contains dataset or other data verses, and each dataset contains descriptive metadata and data files (including documentation and code that accompany the data). 

For DataverseNL-specific questions, please consult:
•    Mitch van Geel (Education and Child Studies)
•    Sander Nieuwenhuis (Psychology)

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