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Physiological data acquisition

How does a human subject respond physiologically during an experiment? Measuring these responses offers valuable data. Heart rate, brain activity, skin response and eye moment can al be measured using various types of equipment.

Read about the equipment for physiological data acquisition supported bij SOLO Research and Lab Support.

Biopac physiological acquisition equipment is available. Biopac offers a great variety of modules, like ECG, ICG, EDA, EMG in wired or wireless configuration.

VU-AMS 5fs equipment for ambulatory physiological data acquisition is available. The VU-AMS is suitable for 24hours data logging of ECG, ICG and SCL.

Two CNAP Continuous non-invasive blood pressure monitors (CNIPM) are part of the Biopac setup in lab SB04.

The Finometer® Model-2 is a non-invasive instrument to measure blood pressure in the finger of a human subject. It is part of the Biopac setup in lab 1B27.

BioSemi EEG equipment is installed in EEG labs SB12, SB14, SB35 and SB39, varying from 32 to 128 channels. Caps are available in various sizes and in different 10/20 or ABC-layout. The amplifiers are connected to the stimulus PC and response buttons for time accurate synchronization.

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