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The labs are situated in the Pieter de la Court Building, LEVEL, LUBEC, and LUMC buildings. Additionally, a vast amount of research is carried out on other locations like schools, home, (music) festivals and zoos.

At the Pieter de la Court Building the labs are situated in the basement and on the first floor. In these labs most research types are possible.

The types of laboratories are for example:

  • Laboratories equipped with one-way screens and a digital video observing systems for measuring parent-child interactions;
  • Laboratories with small booths equipped with a computer for the presentation of stimuli and the registration of responses;
  • Laboratories with facilities for measuring various physiological responses like eye tracking, ECG and EEG.

Also, combinations of different research types are available.

At LEVEL the FSW has two decision-making labs, which can be used for non-deception computer tasks as well. Synchronized physiological measurements (ECG, ICG, EDA) up to 6 participants during computer tasks is one of the features of this lab.

Two Virtual Reality labs are situated at LEVEL. In these labs VR equipment and avatars are used together with real-time physiological- and eye tracking measurements to investigate e.g. the function of emotional mimicry and physiological linkage or social anxiety.

At LUBEC, the Leiden University Treatment and Expertise Centre (Leids Universitair Behandel- en Expertise Centrum), children and adults receive treatment that is in line with the latest scientific insights. Also, new treatments are developed and tested in these labs.

The centre is also a training and research institution. Thus, students and researchers are able to observe the therapies provided in this location.

Beta-medical research is also done on location, e.g. at home, in schools, prisons and hospitals, on festivals or even in zoos. SOLO Research and labsupport cannot provide support on location but can help you to prepare your research at the FSW, which allows researchers to be well prepared when doing research on location.

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