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Cluster computing

FSW researchers can use the High-performance cluster SLURM (successor of the old Shark cluster) at the LUMC for processing of large amounts of data. 

More information about how to connect, available software and getting a user account.

It is mandatory to sign up for a practical Linux and a SLURM introduction course in order to get started.

From autumn 2020 on, analyses will gradually move to the university-wide ALICE cluster (when the configuration of this cluster is ready).


All questions related to the SLURM cluster:
•    LUMC Linux team (ITenDI_Infra-Linux@lumc.nl)

For software-specific questions, please consult:
•    The colleagues at your own research group 
•    Henk van Steenbergen (SLURM key user at FSW)
•    Kerwin Olfers at SOLO

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