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Organisation of research support

The Bètabeleidscommissie is an advisory committee responsible for policy as far as it pertains to beta-medical research and distribution of funding. The committee consists of representatives of the Faculty Board, the Faculty Office, the chair of the lab coordinators and the scientific directors of the institutes. 

Members of the committee:

•    Paul Wouters, Dean FSW
•    Rolf Oosterloo, Executive Director FSW
•    Lenneke Alink, Scientific Director Institute of Education and Child Studies
•    Michiel Westenberg, Scientific Director Institute of Psychology
•    Serge Rombouts, LIBC
•    Giel Zwinkels, Location Manager / Facilities Manager
•    Patris van Boxel, Head of Department SOLO
•    Maureen Meekel, Research Technician

The lab coordinators are responsible for the day to day running of the laboratories and are the first port of call for researchers wanting to use the labs for their studies. The lab coordinators manage the diaries and the lab keys, and ensure that the labs are clean and tidy. 

Lab coordinators:

The freezer coordinators facilitate the storage of biological samples by maintaining an overview of the freezer capacity, the demand for biosample storage, and freezer procedures.

Freezer coordinators:

•    Antoinette van Laarhoven, Assistant Professor – Institute of Psychology
•    Szilvia Biro, Assistant Professor – Institute of Education and Child Studies
•    Kiki Zanolie, Assistant Professor – Institute of Psychology

FSW data managers:

•    Esther van den Bos, Assistant Professor – Developmental and Educational Psychology
•    Willem van der Does, Professor – Clinical Psychology
•    Mitch van Geel, Associate Professor – Institute of Education and Child Studies 
•    Jaap-Willem Mink, Staff member – Health, Medical and Neuropsychology
•    Sander Nieuwenhuis, Professor – Cognitive Psychology
•    Ruthie Pliskin, Assistant Professor – Social, Economic and Organisational Psychology
•    Wouter Weeda, Assistant Professor – Methodology and Statistics

The location manager advises the Faculty and Institute Boards on the (safe) use, allocation, and layout of labs and offices. Additionally, he oversees building activities.

All studies and experiments conducted in the Institute of Psychology and the Institute of Education and Child Studies must first obtain ethical approval in order to protect participants' interests. Research that falls within the scope of the Medical Research Involving Human Subjects Act (Wet medisch-wetenschappelijk onderzoek met mensen, WMO), first must be reviewed by an accredited medical research ethics committee or the CCMO.

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