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Application 2023-2024

Do you have an idea for an educational innovation for academic year 2023-2024? Apply for a Grassroots or Grass shoots grant here. The deadline for your preliminary application was April 6 - you can no longer apply.

In the 2023-2024 edition, the application process is slightly different than before. First you submit a preliminary application in which you describe which innovation you want to implement and whether you want to apply for a Grassroots or a Grass shoots. The deadline for this is April 6.

Next, SOLO will contact you for an advisory meeting. We will see if there are possibilities to bundle potential applications and help you finetune your application. The deadline for the final application is May 12. After this, the assessment committee will consider the applications for a final selection. The assessment committee this round consists of:

How does it work?

  1. Read the terms & conditions carefully.
  2. Fill out the pre-application form (deadline April 6).
  3. Between April 11 and 20, you will be invited for an advisory interview.
  4. After this interview you will receive the application form.
  5. Complete the online form and upload the completed application form (deadline May 12).
  6. You will receive the results from the evaluation committee by May 26 at the latest.

Do you need help or have questions?

For support in writing your proposal and questions about support from the faculty in carrying out your project: please contact the Grassroots and -shoots coordinator Mieneke van der Salm. At your request, your proposal can be reviewed by ICLON (Anthea Aerts).

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