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Editing room 1A45

Want to edit video, photo and audio material with Adobe Creative Cloud apps? You can do so on the computers in editing room 1A45.

The computers in this room are exclusively meant for working with the Adobe Creative Cloud apps. Headphones can be borrowed at the SOLO desk in 1B11. The editing room is open from 9:00h until the Pieter de la Court Building closes.

Opening hours: 9:00 hrs - closing time Pieter de la Court building

Reserve a computer in the editing room

Important: sign-in required to use the Adobe Creative Cloud apps

  • Students can sign in to Adobe with a personal Adobe account. To create an Adobe account, go to www.adobe.com, click Sign in in the upper right, then click Create an account and follow instructions. With this account students can sign in to Adobe on a study computer and use all Adobe Creative Cloud apps. 
  • Staff members can sign in to Adobe on a study computer with their <ULCN username>@vuw.leidenuniv.nl and their ULCN password. Staff members that installed Adobe Creative Cloud apps on their work computer (see KI 2646 in the Helpdesk Portal) can use the apps there too with the same account.​ 

When working with video data

  • You may trigger the application of the GDPR if personal data is collected (i.e. an individual can be identified directly or indirectly). You may be collecting special categories of personal data that need extra data protection measures. We advise you to ask your supervisor or teacher about data protection. If in doubt your supervisor or teacher can contact the faculty's privacy officer. 
  • Your video files and projects may exceed the 1GB storage limit of your personal network (P:) drive. In addition, working on video projects from a network drive (e.g. J:, P: or OneDrive) can negatively impact the computer's performance. We therefore advise you to work from an external hard disk with USB 3.0 connection. If working from an external hard disk is not possible or not desirable because of the higher risk of data breaches, you can temporarily use the EditingData folder on the C: drive. You can access this local folder via the desktop shortcut or via C:\Users\[username]\EditingData.​ 

When using the EditingData folder, be aware of the following:

  • The EditingData folder is a local folder on the computer. The data stored in this folder can only be accessed on that particular computer in the Editing room. 
  • No backup is being made. You should backup your data to an external hard disk, a network drive (e.g. a shared folder on J:), OneDrive (students only) or SURFdrive (employees only) at the end of the day. 
  • Your folder and data will be automatically deleted when you have not used the computer for a period of 30 days.  
  • When using an USB or external hard drive ​wait until the computer is fully booted before connecting it. Plug it into the "SS" USB port when your USB or external hard drive has a 3.0 USB connection. 

Questions or in need of support?

Contact SOLO in room 1B11 or via solo@fsw.leidenuniv.nl

Watch video tutorials on Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

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