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Educational design

Here you will find information about educational design, focusing on faculty resources and support. Do you want to share more useful resources about educational design? Email your suggestions to docentenplatform@fsw.leidenuniv.nl.

Roadmap for education design

Step 1.

Map the context of the course/educational component. You will learn about the context of the course or educational component you will be designing by delving into the educational vision(s), the place of the course/component within the curriculum and its level, and the student population that will be taking this course/component.

Step 2.

Formulate clear and measurable learning goals (for example, using Bloom's taxonomy and/or the learning objective generator).

Step 3.

Ensure constructive alignment: choose your forms of work and assessment based on the stated learning objectives. Check out these links for inspiration.

Step 4.

Shape the practical organization of the course/educational component: create a Brightspace page, pay attention to scheduling and study guide, request weblectures, etc.

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